Wednesday, April 7, 2010

PS3, Blue Ray Board Analysis


I'm French but I will try to do this in English so everyone can understand !

My goal is to get a good knowledge of the PS3's Blue Ray Controller board in order to ease repair or more !

So here is the amount of work there is to do :

- Reverse ingeneering on the schematics
- Understand board synopsis
- Understand security principles
- Components identification
- Provide blue ray drive work explanations
- And more....

This list will change in time, depending on what I find, information I get and support you will provide me !

So any technical data are welcome.

Cheers !


  1. Salut... bon je vais écrire en français !
    Je rachète des ps3 en panne pour les réparer. Je sais réparer les ylod et changer les lentilles et tout ça, mais là j'ai 3 ps3 qui me gavent! Peux-tu me contacter ? Je suis en Savoie!
    A+ et merci!