Saturday, April 10, 2010

Blue Ray board made accessible


On this picture you have the bottom face of the PS3 Blue Ray Drive's board controller :

Here the BMD-001 Rev1 board :

Most of the components can be accessed on their pins to put an oscilloscope probe, except the main processor SONY CXD5065GB-1 (BMD-002 board) or CXD5063AGG-1 (BMD-001 board), and the flash memory SPANSION AL008D0043-01 (BMD-002 board) or S99-50111-001 (BMD-001 board), because they are BGA.

So I had these components taken out to have access to their signals on the PCB :

Here the BMD-002 Rev 3 board :

So now I can do some reverse engineering on the schematics !


  1. Hi wanted to know is it posible to show which chip on the motherboard is paired with what chip on the bluray board? 60gb model.

  2. Hello,

    This is not a hardware association.
    The fact that a blue ray is linked to a PS3 is done by software security and encryption Keys.

    So this is done deeply in both blue ray drive and PS3 softwares, for now nobody did find it !

  3. Thanks for the reply, im sure the software is kept on a chip! which chip is that on the motherboard?

  4. Some software parts are stored on the hard drive, some software parts are stored in NAND/NOR flash memory chips.

    If you didn't you should watch yesterday's fail0verflow conference, it explains a lot about software on the PS3 !!

  5. Thanks again will do, can you show me which may contain this so i can run some tests on them. Thanks

  6. Ok, flash memories are in TSOP1 packages.
    Find a picture of TSOP1 on the internet to see what it looks like, then you'll find the 2 chips on the PS3 ! One on each side of the motherboard.