Friday, August 26, 2011

ATX to PS3 power supply cable


I've just had a PS3 power supply that died !

So I said to myself, well why couldn't I replace it with an ATX power supply I've got. After all, it just provides +5V and +12V to the motherboard, and an ATX power supply does the job too.

Here are the details :

- PS3 startup command and ATX start up command are inverted, so to keep system simple, the PS3 will not start up the ATX using the command signal on the 24 pins connector. ATX start command will be forced permanently to ON and it will be switched on and off with its power switch.
- As I only have to provide +5V, +12V and GND to the motherboard, a standard male MOLEX 4 pins connector will be perfect to connect to any ATX power supply cable !
Still, there will be safety issues to take care off, such as wires compatibility with high currents, otherwise there are fire risks.
- As the PS3 power supply is useless, I take it off, and in the same way, I take the PS3 back switch block off too, in order to pass the ATX to PS3 adaptator cable inside the PS3. In this way we can still use the case of the PS3 and keep the cooling system efficiency.

Ok and here we are, I built an "ATX to PS3 adaptator cable" prototype !

Unfortunately my ATX power supply only provides 6A on +12V, so the PS3 starts up, Led goes green, but as I ear the Hard drive work and the screen blink, the PS3 shuts down with 3 beeps, and orange led blinking.

I have to find a power supply with much more power to finalize this !

Ok, I found a 300W ATX power supply with 13A on the +12V and it worked fine.
PS3 started and went to the XMB.

My PS3 has no wifi board and no Blue ray drive, in order to decrease power needed.

Now I add the blue ray drive.
=> Still booting to XMB

Now I add the Wifi board.
=> Still booting to XMB

Well The PS3 is complete and it boots up, but it does nothing, it waits in XMB.
The only thing is that I can ear the ATX power supply's fan speed going higher pretty soon, even if the PS3 does nothing, just waiting in XMB. I guess we are a little limited with only 13A on the 12V. I'll have to stress the PS3 with a game for example, in ordre to see if 300W ATX is enougth.

I've done a little video of this stuff just to show you it works !

I intend to provide this adaptation cable for people interested.
I'll make a more stronger cable with the right connector and wiring.

This solution has the following advantages :
- This allows PS3 Power supply replacement when failing,
- This allows PS3 Power supply unit / motherboard diagnosis
- Having the power supply out of the PS3 reduces the internal heat production, temperature rising and reduces the YLOD risks.

Ok, I've defined the architecture for the cable and I've identified components references. The problem is that specifications are high, as for the current which is 30A on the +12V. Such connectors are sold 3€ each, so the global cable cost will be 15-20€ each !


This is the first cable prototype.

On top, the internal +5V stand by connector.
In the middle, the internal +12V power connecteur (40A capable)
On the bottom, the 3 external ATX MOLEX connectors.

It is design to provide up to 32A for the 60Go PS3 power supply.
All elements are choosed to meet these specifications.
The external ATX power supply should be able to provide up to 32A on its +12V outputs rails.

this first prototype is build with :

- 8 x 1mm² wires
- 1 5 pins connector
- 2 contacts for this connector
- 2 40A female plugs
- 3 4 pins ATX MOLEX connectors
- 8 MOLEX contacts
- 3 thermo pieces
- 1 braided sleeving
- Solder
- 1 hour of assembly work time.

I'm now ready to build several cables for the one of you interested.
The price is 20€ with shipment cost included.

More information at

But I'll do a dedicated article with explanations, specifications and user guide.

Coming soon !


  1. i like it, good work. looking into making my ylod ps3 into a pc case and run mad fans across to keep it cool after a reflow. so the fat PS3s require atleast a 400watt PSU, it states the orignals PS3s started with a 380watt psu. i guess thats needed for everything so a 400watt wont do harm. i on the other hand might put a 650watt in and run a few fans off it too. also if i put it in a PC case i can get 1tb into the case no problemo

  2. That is very cool, thanks you for the information!

  3. Hiya mate, I've got the slim 120gb PS3 and am nearing the end of a long project but need to do this mod in order to get rid of the Power supply.

    Is there any chance you could send me an email on wether this is compatible. I also have my Xbox 360 and Pc running from the SAME psu. So I will be upgrading to something pretty hefty such as a 1000W.

    Thanks Mate

  4. Hello,

    Your prototype build looks great for my project, I am going to mount my ps3 to a full size mother board and liquid cool it. I would like to use the ATX power supply and not the ps3 psu. Your cable would be perfect for my setup. I don't that you listed the parts needed and stated you would make a dedicated article. I have not found that article yet and would love to know how to create this cable if you don't mind. Thank you for your time.



    1. I do see that you listed the parts needed** sorry mate, typo.