Thursday, May 26, 2011

PS3 Thermal behavior identification


Thanks to my tool I was thinking that I could do several things :

- A least ! I will be able to answer if the PS3 heats more when placed vertically or horizontally !
- Compare the temperature with and without case
- Compare the temperature between 40Go and 60Go

To do this, the first test step is to power up the PS3 and let it warm up for a defined time. The PS3 should always start from the same cold state which will be ambient temperature, so I will have to do each test when ambient temperature is always the same for the test to be relevant, otherwise I will have to do corrections on measurements.

A second step would be to do a test launching a blue ray for example.

If you have other test ideas, feel free to participate!

Results coming soon !

I'm modifying design to have it smaller, in order to fit in a CPLD and make my own electronic board ! So it takes some time and results will be delayed.

You surely have noticed but I don't have much time to work on this !


  1. Someone posted a link to this blog on my blog ( ). It appears we are playing the same game, although you seem to be playing it a bit more professionally and with equipment I don't have.

    I do have an idea for a set of tests...a set of tests that I cannot do with the required accuracy due to my limited equipment.

    It has to do with the speed changes caused by firmware updates. My tests were not concrete, but it appears that sony is messing with the temperature/fan speed calculations.

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